Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Priscilla's Book Review

By: Priscilla Simpson

To those of you who like to read, Marley & Me, by John Grogan is a book I think that you will enjoy especially if you like to read about dogs. What got me interested in this book is that it is coming out in the movies next week and I wanted to see what it is all about.
This book will make you laugh and even cry at certain times. Marley & Me is about a couple who decide that they want to get a dog before they have kids so they can have practice on how to raise a family. So John decides to get Jenny a dog and once they get the dog they fall in love with him. They decide to name the dog Marley and as the months and years go by he grows into a big dog. This dog changed the life John and Jenny in a big way. Their kids loved Marley very much. Marley put them through so much trouble, but there is nothing like a troublesome dog to unite a family at times. Even as Marley aged, he still had energy to have fun with his family. This dog united the family more and he was there for the good times and the bad times.
This book is very good to read. There are times when it will make you laugh and times when it will make you cry, but overall this is a good book and one that I know that you will enjoy along with your family. To see the movie trailer for it just click on the title and it will show you the trailer for the movie coming out next week.

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