Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review

Your Heart Belongs to Me
By: Dean Koontz
Review By: Priscilla Simpson

For those of you who are Dean Koontz fans, this new book that he came out with is pretty good. If you like all the other books he writes you will like this one.

For the most part the story has a good plot and I will summarize the book in short so as not to tell all that happens in the book. There is this guy, Ryan he has a good life, a girlfriend and he is pretty much enjoying it. But he ends up having to get a heart transplant and that changes his life all the way. At first it is a good thing for him to get but then there is someone out there who sends him a note saying “Your heart belongs to me” and the heart surgery video, along with a box of Valentine candy hears, and a heart pendant. Ryan is being stalked by a mysterious woman who looks exactly like the person who donated her heart to him and she wants it back.

This book is pretty good, the ending is a bit surprising but good and you will like how it is written. I sure enjoyed it and also another person that I asked said that they enjoyed it.

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