Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rick's Movie Review

Plaza Wonders

Last month I went again to the Plaza Theater to watch classic films. There were a few differences though. The definition of "classic" was expanded to include more recent fare, such as The Terminator and Alien.

I saw six movies, which is one short of last year: Some Like It Hot, Vertigo, The Terminator, Gone With the Wind, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and It Happened One Night (all of which are available at the library I might add). I enjoyed all of them but I think I made a mistake. Frankly my dear, I did not follow my own advise.

Out of all these films the only ones I hadn't seen were Rocky Horror and It Happened One Night. All the others are some of my favorites. I decided to opt for the familiar, the known, rather than be adventurous and try new things. Next year, I will go and watch things I haven't seen before. For example, I went to see Some Like It Hot, but that cost me the chance to see A Hard Day's Night (love the music though).

I not only recommend all these films, but hope that people will go out of their comfort zone and discover them themselves. I am proud that I went for at least two new films, and will continue to grow in my cinematic tastes. Who knows...I may yet become a fan of things I haven't thought of yet. I have a question though: when will they FINALLY show Citizen Kane?

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