Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Congratulations to all EPPl Poetry Winners and Honorable Mentions

Third Grade

Snow Tonight

Oh! Snowy Snow
You feel so smooth
I like your color
It’s the truth

I like the way you swish and swirl
It gives me such a way to twirl

Oh! Snow, snow
Please snow tonight
I know you will be such a sight.

Horizon Heights Elementary School
Honorable Mentions


Science is very special to me.
It is like flying above the stars and over the sea.
Hot and cold experiments make my heart beat.
Science makes me feel happy;
Like a silly worm crawling on a tree.
Science is definitely for me!!!!

Chester E Jordan Elementary School 5th Grade


I’ve felt it deep
As I walk down this road
I’ve felt it deep as I stumbled.
And here I am where my speaking is just mumbles.

Oh and you carved yourself
deep as I crumbled.
But think of your madness.
It’s sunk into me.
It’s sunk through my Clothes, through my eyes
and I can’t see!

But you can!
Why won’t you
Set yourself free?
Why can’t you just
forget about me?

El Dorado High School 9th Grade

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