Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teen Poetry Awards

On April 6, 2011, future poets, parents, teachers, and library staff attended the El Paso Public Library's Poetry Awards Assembly. El Paso Public Library Director, Dionne Mack Harvin, spoke and took individual pictures with the winners. Keynote speaker and poet Roberto Bryd from Cinco Punto Press read some of his poems as did individual poetry winners.
Honorable Mention Poem from Esperanza Acosta Moreno; Poet Lauren from El Dorado High School

I am an American Soldier
I can't trust civilians around me
They all look suspicious
Some plan to blow me up to smitherens
Some hate us so much for the way we live back home.

I am an American Soldier
My family doesn't understand the stress
They think I've changed
I have changed.
I can't see myself anymore
That part has died.

I am an American Doldier
At night when I'm alone
I close my eyes and see fallen comrades
Watch as they take their last breath
Knowing I'm the last thing
That they'll ever see again.

I am an American Soldier
I live with sorrow
I see suicide
I see murder
I hear heart wrenching cries
I smell broken earth
I smell blood stained ground.

I am an American soldier
Empty allies
Deserted streets
The hot wind against my cheek
The sweat dripping from my brow
My heart is broken
I am an American Soldier

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