Friday, April 12, 2013

Poetry Game Night by Winnie

At Teen Hangout the teens played the Exquisite Corpse Poetry Game on Thursday, April 11, 2013.   A total of 23 teens participed in the game.  Two teams competed for prizes.  The winning poem is as follows:
"She returns to her pack
Dragging the bloody carcass behind her,
Its head hanging limp,
And as the men devour the feast
She has delivered.
She adventures out into the woods again to hunt.
I am."by Teens from El Dorado High School

Esperanza Acosta Moreno (EAM) Library is very proud of  two poetry winners from the EAM communtiy. Winnie (Wan-Yun Tsai)  placed second place in the 10th grade poetry classification and Misael won Honorable Mention in the same classification for their participation in The El Paso Public Library Poetry Contest.  A reception and an awards ceremony was held April 6, 2013 at the Main Library.  Winning contestants received a certificate and a prize bag.  Congratulations to Winnie and Misael shown here and Juanita Kamalipour Public Services Librarian at EAM

Second Place 10th Grade

However small you may be,
Your voice unheard, swallowed
By your surroundings.
Your existence unknown
Your voice is your identity
Speak up
And expose yourself to the world.

Wan-Yun Tsai
10th grade
Valle Verde Early College

Honorable Mention
10th Grade

The sky is the limit they say
But when it is night
I tend to object and say not on this day
I shall have the bravery of a king and the power of flight.
Swaying across my favorite star
And into the light
I follow my dreams even further than far
And now acknowledge the strength of might.
And after a while, away from the night
I decide to go into the deepest hallows
Into the unknown, the darkest sight
I then realize that where there is light, there will always be shadows
That make you tremble and feel nothing but freight.
Amused by the good
Overwhelmed by the perfection
In the end there is only rejection and failure, there it stood.
Despite how hard I tried to overcome him
I knew I wouldn’t attain what lay behind this necromancer
My dream of pureness and perfection, once again become dim

Misael Chavez
El Dorado High School
Grade 10

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