Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stay Teen Program Interaction at the Esperanza Acosta Moreno Library

"On April the 3rd, 2014 an event took place called “Teens Got Talent” at the Esperanza Moreno Public Library. It was hosted by youth leader, Sandra Castro and teen’s hangout leader, Adrian. The purpose of the event was to promote staying teen. Plenty of teens showed up to the event and a couple of adults. Each teen was given a color and once everyone got a color they were divided into groups by colors.  Each teen introduced themselves then activities/and games begin.  Games played were: order yourself in alphabetical order from last names, favorite sports, birth date etc. Teens had a good time competing, earning prizes, and getting to know each other. The presentation focused on sexuality, about abstinence and the right time to get married.  A majority of the teens asked plenty of questions.  This was a good topic to talk about. It was a successful event and a lot of the teens commented that they liked the discussion and had a good time. –Isaac Castro


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