Thursday, July 14, 2016

PokeMon Go!

If you haven't heard by now, the coolest app and game right now is PokeMon Go!

Look what our Teen Librarian, Mrs. Crystal, caught flying around the children's area today...

We were able to catch up with Mrs. Crystal and here's what she had to say about her capture: 
"With much skill and concentration, I was able to successfully capture the Zubat without knocking over any of the books on display while managing to remain super quiet remembering I was still in a library. Ya know, it is a library and the Zubat is a flying PokeMon, so it was kinda hard to catch it without knocking any of the books down and making much noise so I wouldn't get in trouble with the other Librarians. I caught the Zubat on my second try! Excuse me while I walk around the library and gather up some more PokeBalls. It's kinda cool that the library is also a Pokestop too!"

Mrs. Crystal also mentioned that she thought that the Zubat was trying to find and hide all of the PokeMon books so that people don't get the inside scoop on how to 'catch em all!' So make sure you come and check out the books before all of these pesky PokeMon hide them all!

Not only will you find dozens of PokeMon and books around the library, but EAM is also a PokeStop and a PokeGym! So come to EAM and meet other PokeMon Trainers, discuss stategies on how to catch em all, check out Pokemon resources, battle other trainers, and collect some PokeBalls!

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